Differences Between Oxycodone and Suboxone

Asked by on May 21st, 2013
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As an opioid smiliar to Morphine, Oxycodone is generally used to decrease middle and serious painful feeling. However misuing this medicine can make you addict.Then Suboxone is a medicine to decrease such addiction.

Because of its addiction, you just can take Oxycodone only when the doctor prescribe it.At the same time, it should be put on a safe place in order that others won’t desire to take it freely.It’s forbidden to drink when taking Oxycodone due to its danger to ones life, even though it can relieve your pain. Drinking maybe brings you to face side effects of this drug even death.

Considering from safety,do not take Oxycodone if the doctor doesn’t prescribe. Reading carefully prescription, medicine lable and other instructions before you take it.Impaired reason is one important side effects of Oxycodone.Therefore, do not drive or wokr other kinds of michines while taking Oxycodone.And, immdediately stop using this medicine is not good because of uncomfortable quiting symptoms.Not very serious negative effects of it are including:constipation,nausea,dizziness,headache,itching,dry mouth,and sweating. More serious negative effects of it are including: convulsions,cold,clammy skin, brachycardia,difficult breathing and severe weakness.

In order to decrease obtaining above side effects, you shoud take your doctor’s suggestion seriously.It’s necessary to drink more water so that constipation is no easy to occur. Pay more attention not to crush your pill or inject to your veins.Such actions have been proved to be fatal.

Because not all patients could follow up the doctor’s advice, they finally get an addiction on Oxycodone. Just as we mentioned at the begining of article, Suboxone is usually to be used for relieving addiction. It’s a drug composed of Buprenorphine Naloxone.Buprenorphine belongs to opioid as well as ,which only can make less-euphoric effects.At the same time, Naloxone prevent effects of Buprenorphine. On the countary,these two elements of Suboxone support mutually in providing the required effects of the medicine.

The same as Oxycodone, you would get some quiting symptoms if you get rid of using Suboxone quickly.The death may appear if you inject Suboxone. In fact, Suboxone restrains your Oxycodone addiction meanwhile this drug also can expand risks of drowsiness as other medications. Here streesing again, you have to drive carefully while you’re taking this drug Suboxone.

Concerning not very serious negative effects of Suboxone are including:headaches, pain, nausea, sweating, and constipation.And the very serious negative effects of Suboxone are including:allergic reactions, difficult breath, dizziness, and confusion.

You’d better to ask for your doctor when you’re taking medicines particularly such as Oxycodone and Suboxone and other narcotic medications.For the reason that you can obtain preferred results of every medicine,it’s very important to obey your doctor’s advices. If you have problems with meeting light negative effects of those medicines, you have the resposiblity to inform your doctor.Thus doctor shall suggest you how to conduct problems appearing.

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