What is a Risen Bump

Asked by on April 29th, 2013
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Thanks you to ask this question,here is a simple answer for you.Bumps that have risen on the body can be an indication of some sort of infection. Sometimes it is painless and other times it is hot to the touch, inflamed and painful. Always get them checked it they do not go away over a period of time. Here I think it is only for your reference and maybe not an answer you want or sometimes there could be a variety of answers for the same question. Continue to refer to the following information.

How do you get rid of a big bump risen on your body?

A risen bump is bump that indicates that you have bacteria located somewhere in the body. Just like you have lymph nodes that swell when you have an infection somewhere. It depends on what it was caused by. If it was caused by a bug bite, then apply some neosporin and a bandage on it. If it was caused by cancer, you have to see a doctor & undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

How do you cure a risen bump?

When you notice a risen bump on your head,you will have to see a doctor on how to manage it.If you can not notice any rising bump on your head,make sure you get your own clipper in order to avoid infection.

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