What can cause your stool hardener?

Asked by on June 2nd, 2013
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There are a variety of factors about stool hardener than usuall,for example,constipation can be one of the main factors,which can be caused by some medical conditions or lack of nutrients. There are also several diseases for your hard stool,such as IBS which is an abbreviation for irritable bowel syndrome,dehydration and even congenital megacolon. For another example,being infrequent for your bowel movements can be another common factors as well. Besides,eating many types of food not rich in fiber will also harden your stools,including as follows: White bread, rice, lean meats, iron supplements, boiled eggs, tapioca, smooth peanut butter, black tea, potatoes.

what can I take for a stool hardener?

Change your diet and eat more natural foods. Vegetables mainly and try eating dry fruits, raisins, granola type cereals, toast. If you eat a lot of meat or greasy foods it can mess up your digestive system. In addition, Loperamide(Imodium) and fibrecon should also help you.

What food hardens your stool?

Foods that will harden or firm your stool if it is loose can include rice, or cheese. You will want to avoid cheese if you have trouble with dairy. White rice is one of the most effective foods for this. Others include such as applesauce, strained fruit juices, milk, hard cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, ice cream, white bread or crackers, refined cereals, cookies, pancakes, noodles, rice cereals. Breads high in fiber loosen them.

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