how to stop coughing without medicine

Asked by on June 9th, 2013
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Do you want to stop the serious persistent cough withou any medications? How do you stop coughing by natural ways without taking any cough syrups or consulting your doctor? Let us try several methods to easily relieve the symptom of a cough effectively in less time.

How to Stop a Cough without Medication:

1. It can be the most effective way by taking some actual physical actions if the cough is not caused by a blockage of the body. At first you can stand straightly or sit,then lift up your arms over your head. Here you need to remember that both of your arms ought to bend a bit with the elbow. The next is that you should try to hold both of your arms higher as possible as you can,but not be uncomfortable. Performing several times and it can simply relieve your coughing in most cases.

2. You can also find quick and easy natural home remedies that you can cease coughing by way of non-medicines. Drinking an abundance of fluids just like warm water can be used to help ease a cough and get rid of phlegm in a natural way. Some fluids besides water are including as following: hot tea,cooled juice,tea with some honey,warm water combining with a little salt or lemon and also teas made of ginger,sage or althea.

3. A cough can be also relieved by a hot shower. Some medical professionals stated that it can remedy the coughing if you are exposed to steam for example in a room full of steam over half hour. In addition,covering a soft towel being warm or little hot all over your neck and changing again for several times can certainly help as well.

4. It is normal that the majority of individuals with coughs can not sleep comfortable during the night. For that reason you can place a cool mist humidifier in your room,which can split up obstruction by cool water steam in order to ease your cough. Furthermore, it can also be helpful for your breathing if the humidifier is added into several eucalyptus oil.

5. Other than above of all,there are also other ways to stop your cough. Firstly when you have got a cough,you should also avoid cold foods such as ice cream since they will get your cough more often. In addition,smoking is also one main factor which can cause you cough more,so you need to stop smoking or stay away from the smoking individuals. Lastly,having a lot of rest and sufficient sleep can make you filled with efforts. And keeping a healthy diet can get your body to recovery quicker too.

Home Remedies for Cough, Natural Treatment of Chronic Dry Cough:

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