Does sugar speed up your heart rate?

Asked by on May 13th, 2013
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Thanks you to ask this question,here is a simple answer for you.Yes.If taken in excess, sugar can speed up your heart rate,because one immediate effect of the breakdown and conversion of glucose into cellular energy is an increased metabolism which can increase your heart rate. In addition,there are also a few people claim that they have experienced rapid heart rates when they have overdosed on sugar. Now go on refering to more information as following.

Why does eating sugar increase the heart rate?

Sugar is actually a natural carb and once the body consumes carbs your metabolism goes up therefore your heartbeat raises. In addition it has an affect on your blood thus it will raise your heart rate.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Heart Rate?

Sugar affects your heart rate by making increase. whenever you consume the food something called metabolic rate reduces the food and turn it into energy. Due to all of this energy, it can make your heart increase to remove a few of the energy.

Low blood sugar and high blood sugar are classified as the two two opposites of glucose levels in the body. Modern, sedentary lifestyles and the consumption of fiber-deficient foods cause a hypoglycemic condition. Your pancreas reacts to your consumption of refined food. The result can be an excess production of insulin, which often can lead to your blood glucose level dropping rapidly. This can cause your brain damage, depression or simply a sense that being unwell, together with changes in heart rate.

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