can women be color blind

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Color blindness also called color vision deficiency is definitely an eye condition which is typically inherited. It happens when the X-chromosome does have a mutation sometimes due to some specific illness or age besides genetic. Color blindness could potentially cause the retina damaged seriously as well. According to the personal inability to differentiate between certain colors,there are four various kinds of color blindness. The first type is actually colorblind,which is hardly any among the colorblind people. And the most typical type is partially color blindness such as "red-green" deficiency. Lots of individuals in color blindness don't realize their diseases until they go through eye check-up.

Color blindness in women

Any person can certainly be color blind in spite of gender. However,males do constitute the greater part of individuals who are color blindness. For the red-green color blindness which is the most popular one,the amount of getting this disorder is about up to 8% in males and 0.4% in females. This can be showing that it will have an effect on men more commonly as it is inherited as well as X-chromosome is acting as a key factor. Men have an XY chromosome so they just have one X-chromosome,while women have got a couple of X-chromosomes,for that reason women can be passed down no less than one X along with normal color vision much higher than men. For example,if a woman carry the gene of color blindness,this can only affect one X-chromosome,therefore she will not be colorblind. While a man who is the carrier for color blindness will be colorblind as he only have one X-chromosome.

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How many people are color blind?

John Dalton discovered color blindness in 1792 when he recognized a flower as being blue when it was actually pink. The initial main study was released in 1794. There are some reports showing that more than 35 million people in the U.S. Canada and Europe are color blind in addition to 13 million people in India and another 16 million in China.

How is Color Blindness Diagnosed?

Color blindness is when an individual can not see color. It can be diagnosed when it is realized that an individual can’t tell from some certain colors. You can find some tests which can be used to figure out this.

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