How many 500mg niacin pills does it take to clean your system

Asked by on April 21st, 2013
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First of all,thanks for asking this question,I work it out and give you a simple answer.Niacin does not clean any drugs out of your system and it does nothing to help you pass the drug test,that is just Urban Legend that you need 1000 mg niacin pills. Moreover,taking massive doses of niacin will be at the very least extremely unpleasant, and at worst life-threatening. Time is the only thing that will get the thc out. And the best thing to do when you choose to smoke is drink water constently and have a energy drink here and there dont ever give weed a chance to build up in ur system. Here I think it is for your reference and maybe not a correct answer or sometimes there are a variety of answers for the same question. So here are more information as below and it could be helpful.

About Niacin:

Niacin also called vitamin B3 which is a B vitamin found in plants and animals.This vitamin is used to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in the blood,it helps your body turn carbs into energy along with helping to keep your overall cholesterol in check.It’s also used to regulate metabolism, cell repair and other bodily processes. Some of the possible side effects that a person may experience from this medicine are: headaches or bloating.

What are any links between Niacin and cleaning your system?

Taking niacin is very good for cleaning out the body, it can help to take the toxins out of the body. Some people use it to flush out their systems to rid drugs like THC but this has not been proven.You should still be very careful when using niacin because the side effects are sometimes not worth the results.

How to Clean Your System?

To clean your system get rid of toxins such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and refined sugars. Also get rid of household cleaners that are chemical based and use natural alternatives.Marijuana can stick in your body for up to 90 days if you are smoking a lot of it daily. There is no true way to get it out of your system other than to just let it happen. You can try drinking a lot of water or cranberry juice.

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