What is a good and inexpensive way to tighten the skin under your chin?

Asked by on April 9th, 2013
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First of all,thanks for asking this question,I work it out and give you a simple answer.Not Medical Advice: To tighten sagging skin under the chin, you may massage your chin muscles, using a moisturizer. You may massage for 5 to 10 minutes.There are also several natural exercise options that can tighten the sagging skin under your chin by refining and defining the muscles. Here I think it is for your reference and maybe not a correct answer or sometimes there are a variety of answers for the same question. So here are more information as below and it could be helpful.

How do you tone the skin under your chin?

You can tone the skin under your chin by doing 3 things: Use skin tonning lotion, Do weight lifting exersies with light weight lifting your head up slightly aginst the weight and don’t eat fatty foods, Have surgery to reduce the ammount of skin in the area.

How can i fix loose skin under my chin?

Facial Exercises work wonders! 2-3 minutes per day, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Tighten the tongue, relax, repeat. Also 2-3 minutes/day, pull your chin up as you tighten the muscles under your chin. Tighten and relax, repeat.

Does jumping rope tighten the skin under your chin?

To tighten the skin under ones chin perform simple but best fat burning exercises regularly. For burning more calories, you can choose any of the cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, jumping rope exercises, swimming, cycling, etc.

Is there anyway to tighten the area under the chin without surgery?

It helps when you do sit ups and you bring your head up…Or you can do it like those before us did it and take the back of you hand and pat repetitively over and over again the underneath side of your chin.

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