What type of anemia could cause a reduced hemoglobin level while the person still has a normal hematocrit?

Asked by on April 30th, 2013
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Thanks you to ask this question,here is a simple answer for you.Not Medical Advice: Normocytic anemia occurs when the overall hemoglobin levels are always decreased, but the red blood cell size remains normal. Here I think it is only for your reference and maybe not an answer you want or sometimes there could be a variety of answers for the same question. Continue to refer to the following information.

About Normocytic anemia:

Normocytic anemia is a common issue that occurs for men and women typically over 85 years old. Its prevalence increases with age, reaching 44 percent in men older than 85 years. Normocytic anemia is the most frequently encountered type of anemia. Normocytic anemia can be congenital (a problem you were born with) or acquired (caused by an infection or disease). Congenital normocytic anemia is caused by the breaking up of red blood cells.

What is normochromic-normocytic anemia? Causes? Treatment?

This usually means a person is losing blood somewhere (revealed or occult) and there is no abnormality/ deficiencies related with hemopoisis (formation of blood).
As the definition suggests, treatment will depend on the cause.

Can normochromic/normocytic anemia lead to leukemia?

No.Leukemia may cause anemia. Normochromic normocytic anemia is just a descriptive term of the cell color and size. Nothing really helpful in this situation. It doesn’t really matter, you do not diagnose leukemia by looking at size of red cells.

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