Scotoma causes,symptoms and treatments

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A scotoma also called darkness in Greek,is a place of depressed vision in the visual field. The scotoma,plural is scotomata,is that you are not able to look out of it as it is a blind spot in what would have otherwise been a normal visual field. There are various conditions for a scotoma ranging from uncomplicated transient conditions to actually severe vision threatening disorders,as an example, a scotoma might be a symptom of damaging to optic nerve extended eventually of the heart stroke or even damaging to brain.

Scotoma causes:

As mentioned of above,a scotoma can be the result of a number of things. It can not only result from the eye’s infection,but also can be attributable to some certain problem in the eye such as
retinitis pigmentosa. Besides,the surgery which is used to fix the eye can also lead to a scotoma. Furthermore,there are several common causes as well,including deficiency of nutrition and the
development of toxic compounds to the body just like methyl alcohol. In addition,a few diseases just like MS which is an abbreviation for multiple sclerosis is also the common cause of a scotoma.
By far migraine is most likely the majority of reason for scotomata. Patients with migraine have several symptoms and scintillating scotomata is the most one,it is usually identified as
flashing yellow lights in your vision.

Scotoma symptoms:

People with scotoma will be present a few symptoms,it can be including as follows: A spot which may be light dark or faint in your vision,need for more contrast or light,and difficulty in
certificating some certain colours.

Scotoma treatments:

Visual field test can detect the scotoma and there is no cure for scotomas,but you can do others helping this disease. First of all you should be sure that you have a central or peripheral
scotoma. As for central scotomas,you can get close to the things you want to see so that it can make them bigger. If your central scotoma just covers section of your center vision, you could
possibly prefer to have things which are small to take a look at to be able to see them round the scotoma.

Scotoma types:

1. Central scotoma: a place of depressed vision corresponding with the point of fixation and interfering with central vision. 2. Hemianopic scotoma:depressed or lost vision affecting 1/2 of
the central visual field. 3.Peripheral scotoma:a place of depressed vision toward the periphery of the visual field, distant from the point of fixation. 4.Scintillating scotoma: Normally caused by

Video: Scotomas – The 15 Visual Problems of Macular Degeneration

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  1. I experience scotoma in my right eye in the peripheral vision. In the left eye I experience scotoma in the central vision.The general diagnosis of my eyes condion is wide open-angle glaucoma. I do not suffer from migraines, sometimes sinus headaches, which I can feel behind my eyes and in my neck. No nausea or spots in my vision or coloured lights or dizziness.

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