Are the flu and pneumonia the same thing?

Asked by on March 15th, 2013
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First of all,thanks for asking this question,I work it out and give you a simple answer.Not Medical Advice: No. The flu and pneumonia can have similar symptoms such as cough and fever even breathlessness but they are not the same thing. The flu is caused by influenza viruses A and B.While pneumonia can include two types,one is caused by the flu virus and the other is caused by the strep bacteria.Each version is treated with different drugs. Here I think it is for your reference and maybe not a correct answer or sometimes there are a variety of answers for the same question. So here are more information as below and it could be helpful.

What is the difference between flu and pneumonia?

pneumonia can be viral and bacterial. though both flu and pneumonia can cause respiratory problems, pneumonia usually causes more severe breathing issues, as it is primarily oriented in the lungs.

How can you tell the difference between pneumonia and a cold flu and cough?

Signs of pneumonia include a “wet” chest, coughing up sputum that is green or yellow colored and/or foul smelling, shortness of breath, and possible fever.To tell them,you should do a chest x-ray to determine if you have a cold flu or pneumonia.

Can you have Pneumonia and the flu at the same time?

Yes, in fact that is one of the primary initial complications of the flu: a secondary bacterial pneumonia or sometimes a secondary viral pneumonia.

What happens if pneumonia goes untreated?

Pneumonia can be life-threatening when inflammation from the disease fills the air sacs in your lungs and interferes with your ability to breathe. It can also cause inflammation called pleurisy, lung abscess and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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