Can a persons body crave milk?

Asked by on March 18th, 2013
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First of all,thanks for asking this question,I work it out and give you a simple answer.Not Med Advice: Yes. According to a study of "Journal of Health Economics" by Auld and Grootendors milk is highly addictive, which leads to milk cravings. Here I think it is for your reference and maybe not a correct answer or sometimes there are a variety of answers for the same question. So here are more information as below and it could be helpful.

Why are you craving milk?

There could be several things about a milk craving,sometimes there is no reason because craving are natural for humans.In other conditions,your body may not be getting up calcium or vitamin D,thus you are craving milk.Also,if you are pregnancy it could be cause milk cravings.Even some person have a habit to be acquired craving milk. In addition,a persistent milk craving can be a sign of the onset of Type II Diabetes. So if the craving persists see your MD, it cant help to have it checked.

Why does my body crave milk all the time?

You might be craving milk so much if you are an athlete and after playing a sport may make you want to drink milk since your body is craving the proteins in the milk. You may also really love the taste.

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