If conjoined twins with all vital organs each and one dies would the other one die too

Asked by on May 2nd, 2013
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Thanks you to ask this question,here is a simple answer for you.Not Medical Advice: If one conjoined twin dies,you should go to the doctor to do an emergency separation surgery in make an attempt to save the living twin,and hope to recover fully. In this case,it depends on the condition at that they are conjoined. If they are sharing a vital organ or two and one dies,the other is also likely to diet. For example,if they have their own brain and are conjoined at the pubic bone and one dies,then the brain of the dead one will stop fuction so that it will also stop fuction of his heart,lungs. In this case,it it can be done to remove and then the live twin may survive. Otherwise there is little possibilities to live. Now go on refering to more information as following.

What happens to one conjoined twin If the other one dies?

If they share a heart, they’d both die because death happens when a heart stops beating. Technically one could be brain dead while the heart remained beating, but chances are the other would die quickly as well. On the other hand,conjoined twins usually die in a very small amount of time of one another, because it doesn’t matter how they’re joined, they frequently share a the flow of blood. And also, since blood can’t flow in the deceased twin, it would lead to obvious health conditions for the remaining twin.

More information about Conjoined Twins:

Conjoined twins are called two babies, they are formed when a single fertilized egg begins to divide in two but stops before completion. Almost like when you cut a pizza, but accidentally didn’t cut throughout the crust and are generally still attached. In a few occasions, it may possibly happen at the head, too. There are various kinds of conjoined twins and their classification is dependant on the factors of the body which are conjoined. The most typical is thoraco-omphalopagus where the lower and upper chest is fused.

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